RAJAR Q2 2010 – Comment

At a time when iPods, iPhones, and iPads seem to be taking over the world this quarter’s RAJAR results have been great for Radio as almost 91% of the entire population are tuning in every week! And this growth has mainly been boosted by the Commercial Radio sector as stations grow their audience. Talking of the BBC, Chris Evans has carelessly managed to lose a million listeners from his Radio 2 Breakfast show but as he still reaches more people than Sir Terry Wogan did (8.48 million people) it probably won’t bother him too much. Heart in London has seemingly come from nowhere to grab the number one spot but it is the performance of Kiss 100 that has really caught my eye. The Kiss breakfast show with Rickie, Melvin and Charlie have done amazingly well to take over 900,000 listeners and the station as a whole is undisputedly the best way to target 15 – 44 year olds in London. The digital station Heat, based on the magazine also owned by Bauer Media, have had a great result this quarter, up 50% on last year. According to them it’s down to the investment they have put into programming and content being cautious I’d prefer to wait and see if this growth is sustained into next quarter as well. Finally, mention should go to Absolute Radio who have managed to deliver a quarter on quarter increase of 13.7% and now reach over 2 million listeners across the whole network, well done Absolute we knew you could do it!


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