RAJAR Q1 2011 – Comment

Well, what a brilliant set of RAJAR results for commercial radio! The highest ever reach figures, strong year on year growth for the national commercial stations and networks, and record results for the UK’s only national commercial speech station – talkSPORT.

There will no doubt be a few bottles of bubbly open over at Leicester Square today as the team over at Global celebrates strong results for both Heart London and Capital London. Capital have hit their highest reach in more than six years and the Johnny and Lisa breakfast show again rules the airwaves, even beating Radio 1’s Chris Moyles (by 100,000).

In the digital world Jazz FM have achieved their highest ever figures of 495,000 and the Kiss Network (which includes the FM stations) has also performed well bringing in over 4 million listeners. As a whole Digital Radio listening has performed well, now achieving a 26.5% share and a 43.1% weekly reach. And, with 38% of people now claiming to have a DAB set at home Digital Radio UK will be hoping these figures will continue to grow.

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RAJAR Q1 2011

This Quarter saw All Commercial Radio record its highest ever reach, delivering over 34 million adults every week

Commercial Radio as a whole has performed well verses the BBC, now achieving a share of listening of 42.6% verses the BBC’s 55%. It is on a local level that commercial radio delivers, with 27 million listeners compared to 10 million for the BBC’s local and regional services. Across the board UK Radio has every right to be happy, as a new record of 91.6% of the population tune in to listen every week, delivering over 1,000 million hours.In the London marketplace Capital London has regained the number one spot after a strong set of figures that saw them reach 2,179,000, an increase of 11% on last quarter. Capital also improved on their listening hours to award them with the highest listening share in London, 6.1%. After four consecutive quarters as London’s number one station Magic 105.4 has now come in at second place in terms of share with 5.3% (1,998,000 reach). LBC’s consistently strong hours have helped them finish third in the London share table with 5.1%. Like Capital, Heart London also improved on their last quarter results increasing their reach by 19% to 2,107,000 and achieving a share of 4.9%, making them the fourth placed London station. Sticking with share Kiss 100 come in at fifth place with 4.7% (1.8 million listeners) a long way ahead of their next closest rival. Note, Classic FM in London  delivered over 1.4 million listeners with a share of 5%.

Capital FM The much talked about ‘battle of the breakfast shows’ has been won again by Johnny and Lisa on Capital Radio London.

The duo managed to bring in over 1.2 million listeners to their 6-10am breakfast show ensuring they keep a strong grip on their number one spot. Improved results from Jamie and Harriet on Heart London (6-9am) sees them climb up to second place with 860,000 listeners. Whilst Neil Fox’s Magic FM breakfast show (5-9am) has dropped off slightly to third with 839,000 listeners. Kiss 100’s Rickie, Melvin and Charlie (6-9am)have also seen a slight drop, now delivering 761,000 listeners leaving them in fourth position.

Briefly looking around the regions; in York, Minster FM reached 86,000 adults (28% of all available adults in their TSA – Total Survey Area). In Weston-Super-Mare the micro station Nova Radio delivered 19,000 listeners (14%). Broadcasting in Glasgow Clyde 1 FM, which is a part of the new Bauer Place Portfolio, pulled in 579,000 (31%) and in Blackpool Radio Wave 96.5 FMachieved 80,000 listeners (33%).
Metro Radio Focusing on the North East, the recently re-branded Capital North East has seen a drop in performance as it delivered a reach of 565,000 listeners, down from 604,000 last quarter (more on that rebrand later).

Metro Radio (366,000), Star North East (42,000) and the regional station Real Radio North East (347,000) have all increased their reach quarter on quarter. Whilst TFM and the third regional station, Smooth Radio North East have remained static with 191,000 and 374,000 respectively.

Classic FM remains the most listened to (single) commercial radio station in the UK with a reach of 6 million adults, showing a year on year increase of 10%. But when looking at the national stations it is the Sony Award winning UK station of the year talkSPORT that should take all the plaudits as they have again brought in record figures of 3.2 million listeners! The station has achieved a 37% year on year increase and was up on last quarter’s record figures. Rumours persist about the possible sale of Absolute Radio and these latest figures, which show a slight overall improvement on last quarters, may make them more attractive to potential suitors. Total Absolute Radio have improved their reach slightly to almost 1.4 million and the Absolute Radio Network as a whole is up to 2.3 million thanks to the inclusion of Absolute Radio 00s which delivered 170,000. Their range of digital stations have had mixed results; Absolute Radio 90s is up and now reaches 317,000, Absolute Radio Classic Rock is also up (342,000), whilst Absolute Radio 80s dropped off slightly to 624,000.

DAB Digital listening has grown slightly to account for a 26.5% share of all radio listening, with a weekly reach of 43.1% of people listening to digital radio, either through DAB; DTV; the internet or ‘other’.

The latest RAJAR figures recorded 19.7 million adults (38%) as claiming to live in a household which has a DAB receiver. Bauer’s digital stations continue to remain strong in the digital only UK market. The Hits and Smash Hits both achieved over 1 million listeners, making them the two most listened to commercial digital only stations. The independently owned Planet Rock takes third position achieving year on year growth of 14.8% and now reaching 797,000 listeners.

The UK’s largest commercial radio group is Global Radio (19.6 million listeners), the owners of the Heart Network of stations which delivers 7.4 million listeners across the UK. This January saw Global Radio rebrand a number of their stations to Capital Radio, backed by a star studded TV commercial Capital are really going after the Radio 1 audience. This is the first set of RAJAR figures to measure the stations since the rebrand and surprisingly there has been little change with the results, as the stations still have a combined reach of 6.7 million (for more information on this rebrand please feel free to contact a member of the RadioWorks team). Bauer Radio is the second largest commercial group, with a 13.4 million reach. GMG Radio who recently launched Smooth on to the National DAB platform achieving a reach of 3 million, have seen their overall reach increase to 5.3 million. UTV Radio, including those impressive results from talkSPORT, delivers 4.4 million reach.

Glide This is the first set of RAJAR results for a number of stations including Absolute Radio 00s (170,000), GEM 106 in the East Midlands (470,000) and all the newly rebranded Capital Radio stations.

Overall the Capital stations have remained static (as shown above) but there have been some notable results: – Capital Birmingham (was Galaxy) now reaches 459,000 (up from 416,000); Capital South Wales (was Red Dragon) has dropped to 310,000 (from 340,000); Capital Manchester has also dropped to now 505,000; whilst Capital Scotland has increased to 460,000. For a full list of all the changes and results affecting the new Capital stations please feel free to contact your RadioWorks representive on 0207 90-70-6-70, or alternatively email Simon@RadioWorks.co.uk

Sunrise Radio, which broadcasts in London on analogue and across the UK via digital (online and DAB) has shown a year on year increase of 5.6% and now achieves a reach of 469,000. Colourful Radio delivered 27,000 listeners, while Buzz Asia and Premier Christian Radio (both in London) delivered 111,000 adults and 135,000 adults respectively.

Finally, listening to the radio via a mobile phone… 11% of adults and almost 29% of 15-24’s claim to listen in this way. Many radio stations are now providing smartphone apps to enhance the mobile listening experience, and a recent RAJAR study has found that 20% of all Smartphone owners have a radio app. While podcasts are also proving very popular – Absolute Radio alone had 3.6 million podcasts downloaded in March 2011 (with Frank Skinner’s show achieving 883,000).

That’s it from me for now. If you have any questions on RAJAR or if you would like any further information please feel free to contact your RadioWorks representative or alternatively email  Simon@RadioWorks.co.uk

All the latest RAJAR Analysis can be found at http://www.radioworks.co.uk/rajar-analysis