RAJAR Q3 2011 – Comment

It’s great to see Digital Radio listening figures up. There has been quite a lot of debate in the radio industry, and the press, recently about the future of digital radio (particularly DAB) but the improved listening figures show that people are tuning in. Almost two in five of the population has access to a DAB radio receiver and the introduction of the UK Radio Player has helped see an increase in internet listening as well – now accounting for a 3.7% share of all listening hours.

There are likely to be a few celebrations over at Leicester Square today as the team at Global Radio celebrates strong results for both Heart London and Capital London, especially with Johnny and Lisa’s breakfast taking the number one spot yet again. Those at GMG should also be celebrating as their programming changes at Smooth have seen positive results across the UK and massive increase of almost 26%  on Smooth Radio London.

Finally, Absolute 80s deserve a huge amount of credit as they take the number one digital commercial title with over one million listeners – an improvement of 13.9% quarter on quarter! All eyes will now be on Absolute Radio to see how the launches of their 60s and 70s stations perform.

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