What is ‘Digital Radio’?

Everyone’s talking about it but what do we mean by the term Digital Radio?

For the most part, when people are referring to Digital Radio they are talking about DAB Digital Radio. However, from the Radio Audience Listening figures (RAJAR) point of view Digital Radio consists of a number of different Digital Platforms. Below, I take a look at the break down of the Digital Radio listening figures…

Digital Radio listening, across all platforms, currently (RAJAR Q3 2011) achieves a weekly share of 28.2% and a weekly reach of 43.9%

DAB Radio – These are the actual digital set receivers, 39.4% of adults claim to have a DAB at home. DAB listening equates to a 18% share of all listening hours but also achieves 26.8% share of all weekly reach.

Digital TV (DTV) – There are many stations (mostly Bauer Passion Portfolio) available via DTV, they can be found towards the end of the Freeview programme guide. DTV listening is 4.7% share and 14.3% reach

Internet listening – The new industry initiative, Radio Player, has helped increase the online listening of radio stations and recently announced over 6 million unique users in a month. As a single station Absolute Radio lead the way in online listening. Internet listening has a 3.7% share and a weekly reach of 10.4%

Smartphones – 85% of stations have a smartphone application and recent data shows that 2.2 million people have downloaded a radio application. Unfortunately listening via smartphones is not specifically measured by RAJAR, however, respondents are asked if they have ever listened to radio via a mobile phone, to which 15.8% of Adults and 32.4% of 15-24s have responded positively.

Some more Digital facts

  • There are 13 National stations available on DAB
  • There are 150 radio services on DAB (note: a lot of these services which are replicated across more than one area, such as Kiss being available in Scotland as well as London, etc)
  • 32% of adults have now listened to the radio via the web (ever)
  • Podcasts can also come under the ‘digital’ remit and 8.1 million people claim to have downloaded a podcast
  • Games consoles which are connected to the net are giving listeners access to Internet Radio

For further information on Digital Radio Advertising why not contact the specialists at www.RadioWorks.co.uk

(Source: RAJAR Q3 2011)


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