Ofcom Radio and Audio Report 2012

Ofcom have recently published their report on the Communications Market (2012)… For those of you that are interested in the Radio and Audio section but don’t have the time to read it below are some key points that I’ve picked out…

Radio in General

  • 2011 Commercial Radio revenue was £456m, up from £438m in 2010
  • Radio’s share of all advertising spend is 2.7%
  • Digital Radio listening has increased 11% in four years
  • Global Radio (less GMG) own 24.2% of all licenses , Bauer 14%
  • There are 296 analogue local commercial stations (242 on FM, 54 AM)
  • 13 National Commercial DAB services
  • 46 local digital multiplexes – these contain simulcasts of local stations, quasi-national stations and digital only stations
  • Average time spent listening to the radio increases with age
  • 25s-34s are more likely to listen to digital radio than others
  • 70% of Absolute Radio’s listening is via digital radio
  • ‘At Home’ accounts for 65% of listening, 20% is in car, and 15% is at work / other
  • Listening to the radio online is more popular than streaming services (such as Spotify)
  • DAB sets account for only 27.4% of all radio sales

Community Radio

  • Community Radio Revenue was £10.5m
  • Average income for a community radio station has fallen 8.3% to £60,250
  • Grants account for 33% of a Community Radio station’s budget and advertising & sponsorship is 26% (community radio ad spend is roughly £2.5m)
  • 198 Community radio stations – not for profit and the majority on FM
  • Communities served include; Geographic – town/rural (72), geographic – urban (29), Minority Ethnic (25), Military (9), Religious (13), Youth (16)
  • A small proportion of community stations generate a significant proportion of the overall income, meaning the median income is actually £40,500 (rather than £60k). Ethnic community stations also receive the majority (43%) of their income from advertising and sponsorship
  • Community Radio income from advertising averages out at £16k per station (a 12% increase on last year)

Simon Pearce is Head of Insight at radio advertising specialists RadioWorks and Maple Street Studios