Radio Demystified

The RadioWorks Group are launching a new company into the Radio Marketplace…introducing The RadioWorks Consultancy. The company will be the central hub of understanding for Advertiser’s and Agency’s represented by the UK’s Premier Radio Advertising Specialist and will also be available to anyone interested in exploring the benefits of Radio.

The RadioWorks Consultancy provides you with access to information including…

  • Why Radio Advertising works
  • Strategy
  • Research
  • Analysis
  • Creative Led Planning
  • RadioWorks Group Overview
  • Best Practice Campaigns
  • RadioWorks Academy Training
  • Industry Developments
  • Marketplace Reports
  • Customer Service Reviews
  • New to Radio Advertising Advice
  • Future of Radio

The RadioWorks Consultancy will give access to all senior members of the RadioWorks team, including creative & production contributions from the Managing Director of Maple Street Studios, David Couch, and input from all the companies within the RadioWorks Group.

Fronted by Head of Insight, Simon Pearce, The RadioWorks Consultancy will bring further value to RadioWorks clients and help grow the Radio Industry as a whole.

RadioWorks Group Chairman, Stan Park, said “This is a great step forward for us as a company, The RadioWorks Consultancy will be of real benefit to our current customers and those looking into the possibility of using radio advertising.”

The new company also has the support of the Radio Advertising Bureau, “RadioWorks consistently encourages new advertisers to explore radio within their media mix and I’m confident that The RadioWorks Consultancy will augment that positive work with their programme of education, insight and creative thinking” noted Planning Director Mark Barber.

Simon Pearce is Head of Insight at RadioWorks and Maple Street Studios